How To Build Easy Aviary

Short video about the deployment of a bird is 4-corner RunnersCovered ShelterDouble DoorsWire FeederTrays GritMineral BlockWater DispenserConcrete ClothBirdbathBird Foundation in NeedPlan AviaryYou for SizeSuitable locationCement4 Messaggi8 2 x (optional) (optional) will decide a step 1 you determine the size of the size of your Aviary. A structure that measures 12 feet long, 3 feet wide and 5 feet high 20 parakeets adapted. Step 2 Select a location a position. Choose a path of noisy streets but visible at home. Step 3 cement in four articles four concrete on the ground. Close the positions top and bottom by 2 of 4 riders. If they are birds of the housing, the pests in the soil preparation of bird flu Foundation concrete can hurt are. Step 4 build a protection to build a hotel at one end of the cage. Cover with pitched roof and perch the birds to the roots on. The animal shelter must sufficient protection from the how to build easy aviary elements, but small enough to allow adequate separation in flight Aviary for birds. 5 installation step d install the Aviary at the front of the House double doors at the end, to avoid leaks. Step 6 Add preformed for the sides and ceiling covered the walls and the roof of galvanized welded wire mesh. Choose a wire spacing and caliber, hosts the birds, the life is. Cover the wire at the base of the Aviary with soil to prevent other animals. Add a step after 7 Add a birdbath, birdhouse, bowls of wheat, a mineral block and a water dispenser. Now you are ready, a home for your feathered friends!In the year 2007 biologists implanted a satellite transmitter the bird barge Rousse and took when 7250 miles in eight days without interruption and,. .